About us

Amaethon is the largest Food & Agribusiness Rural Summit in the entire Asia-Pacific organized at IIM Ahmedabad. Synonymous with excellence and a continuous quest for innovation, the summit provides an interactive platform which brings together the industry, the academia and the future leaders of the agribusiness world. The brightest brains then underscore the opportunities and challenges in Agribusiness, foresee the need to constantly update the requisite skill set and re-invent the way in which agribusiness world functions. The overall purpose of the summit lies in achieving the above objectives.

After evolving over the years, Amaethon today has established its mark in the country’s agribusiness domain as the flagship Food and Agri-business summit. The two day event attracts student communities and visionaries from academics, corporate, and policy making areas. The summit aims at fostering exchange of ideas, sharing knowledge, creating professional network, sparking enthusiasm and spurring interest in the sector.

From its inception since 2005, the summit, known for its professionalism, has gained popularity & strength over the years and has won accolades from all the stake holders of agri-business world.

“Emerging Landscapes in Food & Agribusiness”

Over the recent years, the food and agribusiness sector witnessed rapid changes. While innovations have made life simpler for the stakeholders, new challenges posed a threat.
For example, the last decade witnessed one of the fastest adoptions of BT technology in agriculture, which revolutionized the cultivation and output of cotton in India. The replication of the same technology in other crops has however become a subject of intense debate, before coming to occupy the Indian agricultural landscape.

Around the same time, online trading of commodity futures and eventually spot exchanges began in India with an aim to provide the much required transparency and price stability in Agricultural commodities. Today, there are serious doubts about the effectiveness of the exchanges in ensuring transparency and price stability.

In another instance, nutrient based subsidy on fertilizers has once again resulted in imbalance of nutrients as farmers tend to use more of urea. A comprehensive policy for improving the overall soil health seems to be the need of the hour. Moreover the government is planning to do away with agricultural subsidies and put in place Direct Cash Transfer Scheme to ensure transparency. The effectiveness of the same remains to be seen.

Moreover, the last decade also saw innovations and emerging business ideas in food and agribusiness space. With opportunities emerging and innovations happening right from farm to fork be it at the farm level in the form of producer organizations or at the fork level in consumption of organic produce as premium good, the sector is all set to be an attractive investment. The emerging organized retail industry and FDI in multi-brand retail is all set to alter the agri-business market in India. These diverse yet interlinked issues in this sector demand a holistic approach.

Amaethon 2015 seeks to capture this dynamism through brainstorming sessions, panel discussions and events.